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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Maine News for Wednesday, August 22nd


Top state leaders speak out against new electricity fee
WATERVILLE -- Industry and union leaders Tuesday spoke out against a federally-mandated electricity fee they say would cost business and individuals across the state an extra $300 million in energy costs over the next four years.

Wind project on Black Nubble returns
AUGUSTA -- A smaller version of a wind farm proposal that generated a storm of controversy last year is slated to go to public hearings in September.

Lawmakers want your help sweating the small stuff
Call it the nickel and dime committee. A group of legislators is looking for $10.1 million in savings, not even a pimple on the body of the new $6.3 billion two-year state budget. But I guess you have to start somewhere.


LTE: Support legislation to ban U.S. use of cluster bombs


Stonington man seeks repeal of school law
STONINGTON, Maine - A former state legislator and current local school committee member has taken steps to initiate a citizens referendum to repeal the state's school consolidation law.

EDITORIAL: A way out of Iraq
If the comments on Iraq by Democratic presidential candidates Sens. Joe Biden, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama are indicative of their caucus generally, the Senate could have agreement on an Iraq plan the day the lawmakers return from their August break.

Wednesday's Letters to the Editor … Getting trickled on


LTE: Zealot for impeachment
Seabury Lyon of Bethel says, "We the People" are losing faith and confidence in equal justice and equal protection (Letter, July 7). He says apathy and cynicism present a real and present danger to American democracy.


Allen shows true colors, and it isn't pretty
I would like to thank the Kennebec Journal for bringing to light the tactics of Rep. Tom Allen's people in your Aug. 14 edition. If Allen will resort to any tactics to try to unseat Susan Collins, it makes me wonder what he will resort to with the lobbyists in Washington.


Republicans see Clinton as 'most vulnerable'
In reference to the "commentary" by Bruce Bartlett (Morning Sentinel, Aug. 13) -- the move by the right wing conservatives to make sure Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic candidate is rearing its serpentine head.


Ballooning BRAC costs vex Maine lawmaker
Susan Collins, R-Maine, to the chairman and ranking member of the Senate's Armed Services Committee, asking for just such a hearing. Sens. ...


Democrats’ Senate Fundraising Committee Stayed Hot in July

The Democrats’ national Senate campaign committee established an edge over its Republican counterpart during the 2006 election year, and that advantage has grown dominant with the party’s Senate takeover, which was produced by those elections.


Bangor METRO: Rep. Mike Michaud Profile. 8/07

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