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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Maine News for Tuesday, August 21st


Foes organize against longer term limits
Election 2007: The Nov. 6 ballot question would let state lawmakers serve 12 consecutive years.

Voters will fill vacancies in Maine House on Nov. 6
Election 2007: Special elections will be held in Districts 27 and 93, which lost Republican members.

EDITORIAL: Troop burdens too great for current force to bear
A long-delayed boost to active-duty forces should become a top national priority.


EDITORIAL: Unneeded advantage
One of President Bush's reasons for threatening to veto the expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program, known as SCHIP, is that it would be financed partly by a cutback in something called "Medicare Advantage."

Gwynne Dyer: The boys go to Baghdad, the men go to Tehran
It’s impossible to say whether the United States will attack Iran before President George W. Bush leaves office in 17 months’ time, because nobody in the White House knows yet either.

Tuesday's Letters to the Editor … Support veteran’s bills … What’s up with Iran? … A misconceived war … Good to see Snowe


 Protesters: No-Show Or Go-Slow

Tara McGuinness, deputy campaign manager, keeps head shots of her top prizes--Sununu, Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Norm Coleman of Minnesota, and Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, among others--pinned to her wall.


Is Everyone Sick of Debates Already?
The most I can recall reading about is some kerfuffle in Maine about Susan Collins making a stink about being "hounded and harassed" by an opposition ...


Left Confuses Backrgound with Stalking

Campaign Tricks in Maine Senate Race

Discussing Collins' complaint, CNN's O'Brien cast campaign tracking "phenomenon" as new

The BDN [heart]'s Tom Allen
"There are only a handful of places where a Democrat has a chance to unseat a sitting senator and [Maine] is one of them," Allen told members of the Maine Democratic Party at the group's annual Muskie Lobster Bake at Lamoine State Park. ...

Maine’s Christian Civic League wants my sympathy now

The Christian Civic League: Domestic terrorists?

Monday, Aug. 27th Wine & Cheese Reception with Representative Tom Allen (D-ME); Bangor, ME

Stephen Betts in Rockland's Courier-Gazette calls it like he sees it.

Collins' "Plan"  - It's worth restating: To the extent that Sen. Collins has a "plan" for Iraq, her plan is to leave President Bush in charge of our mission there.

Senate 2008 Guru: Monday Rundown - Maine: Today's must-read column: "The senator who cried wolf": Susan Collins must hope that the media has a short memory.