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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maine News for Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Real Clear Politics
RCP Average 10/13 - 10/20 Obama 49.8 to McCain 43.8

Portland Press Herald
Maine parties keep feuding over McCain attack tactics
Amid the sparring, more Republicans criticize the Ayers theme that McCain has defended.

Health professionals urge rejection of Question 1
They say repealing the beverage tax would further cripple the Dirigo Health care system.

BILL NEMITZCollins gets October surprise

Cruise ships no cash cow for Maine?
A study ranks the state 41st in economic benefits from the industry, but some call the numbers misleading.

Second stimulus idea gains traction
Congress weighs a special session after the election, and Maine's delegation says more must be done.

Council clears way for retail complex
Westbrook approves a zoning change needed to allow construction of Stroudwater Place.

House District 121: Incumbent, newcomer competing for seat
One Democrat and one Republican from Cape Elizabeth outline their political priorities.

House District 134: Doctor challenges incumbent in Saco race
In a contest of 'new blood' versus experience, both women emphasize the need for state tax reform.

Freeport School Board: Incumbent, three other candidates seek two seats
Their priorities include the proposed consolidation with Durham and Pownal and improving curriculum.

Question 3: Upheaval unlikely to impact borrowing
Question 3 on the ballot, aimed at maintaining water quality, has generated little debate.

Allen-Collins debate refrain's the same
He stresses the need for change. She insists she's not been a rubber stamp for President Bush.

Freddie Mac lobbied in secret
The lobbying campaign aimed to derail regulatory overhaul of both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Locking in oil price can still look like a good deal
Making sure you can afford to heat your home this winter has real value.

Negative campaigning by 'robo-call' deserved criticism
The calls placed by Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign could be misleading.

RON BANCROFTElecting more moderates would boost state's economic outlook
There are ways to find out where legislative candidates stand on policies that favor growth.

Bangor Daily News
BANGOR, Maine — The current global financial crisis has officially hit the University of Maine System. UMS Chancellor Richard L. Pattenaude announced Monday afternoon a series of spending control measures, effective immediately, that the system hopes will reduce operating costs at its centralized operations center and seven universities.

BANGOR, Maine — The Maine Supreme Judicial Court hits the road Wednesday in what has become its annual fall sojourn to high schools around the state. The seven justices will hear oral arguments in three different cases at each school, convening during the morning hours in towns from York to Washington counties.

BANGOR, Maine — The doctors and others who oppose Question 1 on the Nov. 4 ballot on Monday blasted new advertisements and an economic study commissioned by their political foes, calling them misleading.

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — U.S. Rep. Tom Allen and Sen. Susan Collins stuck to familiar themes when they met Monday night to debate for the eighth time, at Presque Isle Middle School.

The first five steps are the hardest ones in the conversion to digital TV. Do the time-consuming work on the first five steps featured in the first part of the series published Monday and it makes these next five seem like a piece of cake.
LINCOLN, Maine — An Upper Pond resident says planning board chairman Peter Phinney should recuse himself from deliberations over a proposed $120 million wind farm because Phinney works

Socialism has become a dirty word on the presidential campaign trail. Supporters of Republican John McCain increasingly say they fear that Democrats, led by their candidate Barack Obama, will lead the country into socialism, defined as a system under which the means of production and distribution are owned and operated by the community or society rather than private individuals.

Kennebec Journal
IRIGO DEMISE FEARED Health-care advocates say rejection of beverage tax could have 'crippling' effect
AUGUSTA -- Opponents of Question 1 -- a repeal on beverage taxes to pay for Dirigo Health -- said Monday that Dirigo would be "crippled" if the new funding source isn't allowed to go into effect.

AUGUSTA Council OKs taxi fare increases
AUGUSTA -- Taxi rates are going up. But other hotly debated changes proposed for the city's taxi ordinance are on hold, for now.

UMA president tells staff to prepare for cost-cutting steps
AUGUSTA -- University of Maine at Augusta's President Allyson Hughes Handley suggested to audience members during her formal installation ceremony Sunday that her honeymoon might be ending.

Study sees consolidation progress Sticking points also discovered among community voters
The committees planning school district mergers across Maine are making progress in complying with the state's district consolidation law, according to an analysis of the consolidation mandate.

On Maine Politics
Gordon Smith: Dirigo will be “wounded” 10/20/08

WATERVILLE -- Mayoral candidate Rosemary J. Winslow and incumbent Paul R. LePage described strikingly different leadership styles in Monday evening's debate.


Pingree sports refreshing dose of bipartisanship
Chellie Pingree has changed from her more partisan days as a leading Democrat, in chambers comfortably controlled by Democrats, at the Statehouse in Augusta.

DAVID B. OFFER : McCain should return to integrity of 'Straight Talk Express'
Two weeks from today we will elect the next president of the United States.

Sun Journal
Drink tax supporters dispute study's findings
PORTLAND (AP) - A coalition that supports new taxes to help fund the state-sponsored Dirigo Health program said Monday that an opposition group is inflating the financial impact of the taxes.

Sunday Telegram endorses Pingree
PORTLAND (AP) - The Democratic candidate in Maine's 1st District congressional race, Chellie Pingree, has won the endorsement of the Maine Sunday Telegram.

Sunday River tests out new snowmaking guns
NEWRY, Maine (AP) - The snow guns have been running at the Sunday River ski resort in western Maine.

UMaine chancellor orders cost reductions
BANGOR (AP) - University of Maine System Chancellor Richard Pattenaude is ordering systemwide spending controls in response to declining enrollments and the effects of the global financial crisis.

Study: State lags behind in cruise ship revenues
PORTLAND - Walking around the Old Port on Monday, you couldn't miss the cruise ship visitors.

Push is on to prime economy

WASHINGTON ­- What's another $150 billion on top of the more than $1 trillion that's already been spent to rescue the sinking economy and financial markets?

Some good advice on robo-calls
As days grow shorter and weather turns colder, political campaigns lose their light and crank the heat.

The irrational exuberance of our nation's Election Day
"Throw the bums out!" That's one of the most familiar campaign cries in our history. It's even more effective than Herbert Hoover's slogan of "a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage" and stirs the blood like "Tippecanoe and Tyler, too" never could. Sometimes a little bum-throwing makes sense. Sometimes it doesn't.

Pledge in Casino Ad Questioned By Opponents
A new television ad for the proposed casino in Oxford County has become the latest flash point in the debate over Question 2 on next month's ballot. In it, two Maine lawmakers pledge that if Maine voters approve the question, they and the legislature will fix many of its flaws. But casino opponents say there's a problem with the lawmakers and their pledge. For one thing, both voted against the casino last spring. And for another, one of them is barred from seeking re-election because of term limits. A.J. Higgins reports.

Casino Stakeholders Identified
The chief spokesman for the anti-casino campaign in Oxford county has welcomed the unveiling by a local newspaper over the weekend, of the project's minority shareholders. Dennis Bailey, from the Casinos No pressure group, said the identification of the 9 individuals by the Lewiston Sun Journal on Saturday was 'better late than never.' Tom Porter has details.

LED Lights Brighten Pineland Campus
Hundreds of people work in offices on the Pineland Farms campus in New Gloucester. In recent weeks, some of them began noticing something odd going on. The light bulbs were disappearing from the lampposts. But the fixtures were still lighting the sidewalks and parking lots. As Josie Huang reports, Jim Caspar, director of facilities, explains how by pointing to the top of one such lamppost.

Maine Trade Center Plans Mideast Trade Mission
The smaller states ringing the Persian Gulf are a region of explosive growth. Next February, a trade mission to Dubai is aimed at helping Maine companies win a larger slice of that growing economic pie. The Maine International Trade Center's President, Janine Bisaillon-Cary, has already visited the region and told Morning Edition host Irwin Gratz there's a huge need for one of Maine's natural resources: hardwood lumber.

Political Ads Analyzed
Advertising executives Brenda Garrand and Sam Surprise join Morning Edition host Irwin Gratz in a discussion of political ads being run by Maine's candidates for the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House.