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Monday, September 8, 2008

Maine News for Monday, September 9, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Still waiting to see gun waiting period
Catherine Crowley, whose son killed himself with a shotgun he bought at age 18, continues her efforts to change the law.

Done climbing the walls: Noisy road's neighbors to get one
A revised policy paves the way for the state's second sound barrier, along part of I-295 in South Portland.

Cruise line fuel-saving tactic to benefit Maine ports
Ships won't travel as far and will stop more often, auguring additional visits to Portland and Bar Harbor.

'Stretching a buck' got families through the Great Depression
Mainers who survived the Depression in the 1930s say what they did then could help others now.

UMA to add new nursing program
A new bachelor's degree program in Augusta aims to meet some of the need as demand rises.

Sex offenders suing over registration law
The mandate imposes an extra penalty for offenses for which they've served their time, 25 plaintiffs say.

Mortgage takeover stirs hope, caution
Investors indicate confidence in the seizure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but analysts wonder if it can halt the housing crisis.

Fannie, Freddie seizure will affect homeowners
The government's move will help drive down mortgage rates and ensure access to consumer credit.

Revived rail line could move freight, ease traffic
Bringing back Maine's east/west rail link would be progress, not a nostalgic return to the past.

Write-in candidates needed for toughest job in politics
Wanted: Someone with creative ideas and thick skin willing to serve their community.


U.S. energy needs require action now

Bangor Daily News
Maine Dems outpace GOP in enrollment AUGUSTA, Maine — As in many states across the country, Democrats in Maine are

Ohio senator joins Tom Allen at Bangor rally
BANGOR, Maine — U.S. Rep. Tom Allen of Portland rallied sup-porters Saturday

BANGOR, Maine — The Libertarian Party last week sued Secretary of State

GREENVILLE, Maine - For two pilots from Seattle, who made a 10,000-mile flight

The Labor Day weekend is an end and a beginning. For many summer folks, it is time to leave for jobs and school. One might get a sense that Maine is closing down for the year.

A federal lawsuit filed by a Maine state prisoner raises difficult questions about constitutional rights and the nature of incarceration. The prisoner, Deane Brown, was serving a 58-year sentence

With school back in full swing, educational leaders must refocus on consolidating administrative units so the twin goals of efficiency and excellence in education can be achieved.

Kennebec Journal

Local officials struggle to find solutions

AUGUSTA -- As nursing students Bobbi Jo Dever and Jennifer McKenzie practiced dressing a mannequin's wound Wednesday in a nursing lab at the University of Maine at Augusta, they struggled briefly to find all the necessary supplies.

KENNEBEC COMMUTER: An idea whose time has come -- again
Remember the days when you could fill your gas tank for about $20?

State's paving crunch leads to road to ruin
Fasten your seat belt and check your suspension system -- Maine roads are about to get worse.


Flood insurance fosters building in danger zones
In the midst of hurricane season, with storms pounding the coastline from Louisiana up through New England, it not nice to say we stop helping people whose property has been damaged. They need our sympathy.

Sun Journal
McCain or Obama: Who would be better for Maine?
When it comes to issues that matter most to Mainers, local experts generally agree either major party nominee will mark a change from the current president, though how much is up for debate.

Hospital guard shot to death
PORTLAND - A 27-year-old security guard at Mercy Hospital was fatally shot early Sunday while outdoors on his break, police said.

McCain's maverick side somewhat overstated
All last week, Republicans hailed Sen. John McCain as a maverick and a reformer, an independent thinker who will shake up Washington with the aid of vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Feds Issue Critical Habitat Designation For Atlantic Salmon In Gulf of Maine
Federal regulators today proposed designating more than 100 thousand miles of river and stream habitat, and more than 200 acres of lake waters as critical habitat for endangered Salmon in the Gulf of Maine.

High Food Prices Help Prompt Growing Interest In Home Canning
With the cost of food on the rise, gardening enthusiasts and frugal grocery shoppers around the state are taking up the hobby of canning fruits and vegetables. Canning classes around the state have lengthy waiting lists, and as Anne Ravana reports, the state is trying to get the word out about proper preservation techniques, to protect canners and their guests from getting sick.

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