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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Maine News for Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Nominees endorsed; final votes are today
State House: Lawmakers work to fill seats on the Dirigo, corrections boards.

Baxter Building may be sold
The Maine College of Art has lined up a buyer who intends to restore the historic Portland building.

Oil fuels boom in West Texas
Real estate, jobs and other segments that are struggling nationally are thriving here.

Navy's shipbuilding compromise aims to please all sides
But a House panel that has opposed it before controls the fate of a third Zumwalt.

City should be careful when regulating prayer
If there are parking concerns during a Saturday prayer gathering, then address those narrowly.

Third DDG-1000 good news for 5,900 BIW workers
The Navy's change of heart removes any uncertainty over the shipyard's future.

Explore options for winter heat

Republicans have forgotten what they used to profess

Bangor Daily News
The reasons energy costs are high in Maine

According to Richard Davies, head of the Maine Public Advocate office, there are three reasons energy prices in Maine are higher than in other regions of the country, even though they are lower than those in other New England states.

Rising energy costs challenge remote Monhegan, Matinicus

Of all the residential power users in the state of Maine, the ones that pay the highest rates may be the ones that live farthest from land.

St. Agatha residents invited to join municipal tax club

ST. AGATHA, Maine - Residents and property owners in this northern Maine lakeside town have until Aug. 22 to sign up for a municipal tax club and participate in a monthly tax-payment plan.

Study: Maine fattest in New England

Maine ranks a respectable 34th among the 50 states in its rate of adult obesity, according to a new report, but it has the highest rate of adult obesity among the six New England states.

Maine praised for efforts to curb substance abuse

AUGUSTA, Maine - Former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis, chairman of a national study commission on substance abuse, met with Gov. John Baldacci on Tuesday and praised Maine’s prevention efforts.

Hiker in Acadia says ranger assaulted him

ACADIA NATIONAL PARK, Maine - Just by looking at Tim Wild, it’s easy to tell that something happened to him.

Truck spills load of crabs in Brewer

BREWER, Maine - A pile of live crabs was served up to residents Saturday morning when the truck carrying them spilled the crustaceans across North Main Street, Sgt. Rich Smith said Tuesday.

Diplomat hopeful, sees Iraqi progress

The situation in Iraq has improved in the past several months, according to a career diplomat with ties to Maine.

After Musharraf

The excitement over Monday's resignation of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf was short-lived. Just a day after he announced he was stepping down, the leaders of the country's two main parties are already disagreeing and issuing ultimatums as violence continues.

Frary's Follies

John Frary's colorful campaign for the 2nd Congressional District seat now held by Mike Michaud has been, by turns, amusing, confusing, frustrating -and finally, disappointing.

Michael A. Nissenbaum: Canada, not wind, is energy solution
'What we love about Maine - trees, lakes, mountains, our history - is also our chief economic advantage. Investing in new ways in our traditional industries - such as tourism - will reap greater economic rewards.' Gov. John Baldacci

Judith Lewis: Fuel solutions, stuck in muck

It seemed, at the time, like such a good thing for the planet: In the winter of 2005, I turned in my red, gas-hungry Jeep Wrangler for a near-new, diesel-burning Volkswagen Beetle. Inspired by a number of pioneering friends, I would fill my little green slug bug with a nontoxic, sweet-smelling fuel made from vegetable matter called biodiesel.

Kennebec Journal

Baldacci's picks seek Senate nod
AUGUSTA -- The Maine Senate will meet today for a confirmation session in which members will consider nominees for everything from the state's top finance position to the Board of Pesticides Control.

AUGUSTA -- The city is getting up to $100,000 in federal help to determine what, if anything, is lurking in old, underground fuel storage tanks at the abandoned American Tissue Mill site.

AUGUSTA Charter panel nears report
AUGUSTA -- The system of electing four city councilors by ward and four at-large is still in.

Motorcycle fatalities across the nation continue to steadily climb, government safety officials announced, but although more motorcyclists in Maine are perishing in accidents, the number is fewer per registered motorcycle than last year.

Super merger meeting Thursday
A simultaneous meeting of seven school boards on Thursday could offer some clarity for six towns whose school systems are merging into one regional district.

Destroyer decision pleases BIW, others
The Navy's decision to build a third Zumwalt-class destroyer seemingly satisfies almost everyone.

GEORGE SMITH : Returning to GOP after 90 days as Democrat not as easy as expected
Confession time. On Thursday, I will have been a Democrat for 90 days. It'll be an important day of decision for me.


Life in prison too good for some criminals
After reading "Attack survivor's battle" (July 23) with sadness, I remember the letter to the editor from Doug Jenkins of Chelsea, "We all need to step up to prevent home invasions" (June 4).

Sex offender's hearing sends the wrong message
I have great concern regarding the message given in the hearing of the sex offender, conditions of probation and contact with the victim, "Letters to a sex offender" (Aug. 8).

Sun Journal
Maine health board nominees OK'd
AUGUSTA (AP) - A former House Republican leader was virtually assured of membership on the newly expanded board that oversees the state's 5-year-old Dirigo health insurance program on Tuesday as he won a solid committee endorsement for Senate confirmation.

LaMarche says she won't 'lie' for casino
The campaign to bring a privately run casino to Oxford County was dealt a blow Tuesday when Pat LaMarche said she would no longer serve as the effort's spokesperson.

'It's only been a few kids'
AUBURN - A jury listened Tuesday as a former Park Avenue Elementary School music teacher confessed his urges for touching the buttocks of little girls.

Throwing money in the furnace
Today, the next committee to tackle energy issues convenes its first of five meetings in Augusta. This is the aptly-named HEETForce, or Heat and Energy Emergency Task Force, assembled by the leadership of the Legislature.

LaMarche Leaves Casino Campaign
The spokesperson for the campaign to bring a casino resort to Oxford County has resigned, citing moral failings and disreputable conduct within the campaign. Pat LaMarche, a former candidate for Governor in 2006 for the Maine Green-Independent Party, released a statement today saying she will no longer speak - or work in any capacity - on behalf of Evergreen Mountain Enterprises, LLC., which has secured a statewide referendum on the November ballot. The campaign's leader, Rumford attorney Seth Carey, faces misconduct charges related to his legal practice. The campaign's advocacy efforts remain uncertain.

Lawmakers Say Dirigo Health Faces Uncertain Future
Three new nominees to the Dirigo Health Board received the approval of a legislative policy committee today as they prepare for a pending Senate confirmation hearing. But the program they hope to guide is facing one of the most critical junctures in its five-year-old history. Yesterday, the Maine Secretary of State's office validated a petition to allow a November referendum on new taxes devised to fund the insurance program. Some lawmakers now fear the Dirigo program's future is anything but certain.

Portland Rabbi Appeals Zoning Decision
Support is building in the Jewish Community for a Hasidic Rabbi whose traditional weekly prayer meetings are in jeopardy of being quashed by the city of Portland. For decades, Rabbi Moshe Wilansky has been conducting religious services at his home in Portland, but concerns about possible traffic bottlenecks and a zoning violation prompted the city's zoning administrator to issue an order for the worship services to cease. Supporters of the Rabbi, including the Maine Civil Liberties Union, say shutting down the worship services would be a violation of religious liberty.

Commission questions $2K in MCEA purchases by state Senate candidate

Supreme Court Justice Souter mulls stay of Hoffman court decision

Oxford County casino project loses member

The Bush Loyalty Score: U.S. House