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Monday, July 7, 2008

Maine News for Monday, July 7, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Lakes Region bus may fall victim to high fuel prices
Towns want the service, but it's hard for them to come up with the money.

Race is on to keep bulbs with mercury out of waste stream
Ecomaine will monitor recycling efforts closely as Mainers begin discarding millions of the bulbs.

Lobsterman battled fire before boat sank
Greg Lawson emptied two extinguishers before putting on a survival suit and jumping overboard.

Still planning a trip, even in hunker-down economy
A gathering of about 150 people in Portland shows the well-off put a priority on vacation spending.

Saddled with high costs
Hay and grain prices have officials worried that Mainers won't be able to properly care for their horses.

From Sunday
The Knock on Wood
It's only July, but if you haven't bought your stove and fuel for the winter, you may be too late.

EditorialsSenate candidates get energy policy right
Help for those struggling with high fuel costs and a good long-term plan is the correct path.

Cell-phone laws should prove if bans are worth it
California and Washington are the latest states to outlaw hand-held phones by drivers.

Medicare information card puts patients at risk for ID theft
This is a classic case of the government's left hand not knowing what the right hand does.

Bonnie Titcomb Lewis Special to the Press HeraldPolitics shouldn't make us enemies
It's one thing to debate issues with vigor, but it's something else to assassinate character.

Overzealous zoning has drawbacks

Upgrading the toll plaza is a cheaper alternative

Bangor Daily News
Experts: Renewable energy crucial for Maine

Former Gov. Angus King is calling it a 'catastrophe' and perhaps 'the most serious crisis ever to face the state of Maine.

Maine lawmakers worry about pre-convention politics

Congress is back in Washington this week after the Fourth of July recess, but members of Maine’s congressional delegation say they are concerned about how much will be accomplished before the monthlong recess for the national party conventions in August and September.

LURC deadline to comment on Plum Creek plan looms

Time is running out for the public to comment on proposed changes to Plum Creek Timber Co.'s historic development plan for the Moosehead Lake region.

Officials look out for fuel fraud

LEWISTON, Maine - Homeowners Paul and Linda Martin thought that $300 for two cords of green firewood seemed too good to be true. And the stack that was delivered seemed small.

Shellfish processors brace for red tide

ELLSWORTH, Maine - The 2005 season is generally considered among the worst for red tide closures, but officials with the Maine Department of Marine Resources fear this season could be even worse.

Red tide persists Down East, improves in southern Maine

BANGOR, Maine - The areas of the Down East coast open to shellfish harvesting are continuing to shrink because of the presence of toxic red tide.

Former business owner sued over oil cleanup

PITTSFIELD, Maine — J. Kenton Wright, former owner of J.K. Wright Inc., a Chevrolet dealership and repair business on Somerset Avenue, is being sued by the state for his share of cleanup costs at a Plymouth Superfund site.

From Saturday
Credits available for energy upgrades

People who make energy efficiency improvements to their homes are eligible for a number of tax credits but not nearly as many as are available to small businesses.

Tighten homes now for winter

With new record fuel prices arriving daily and another New England winter looming, many Maine homeowners are exploring every possible avenue to make their abodes more energy-efficient.

Flip-Flop Findings

Universities and colleges do research every day that leads to improvements in our lives. But occasionally there are studies that result in nothing more than a collective shrug, often because their results are so obvious.

Work This Way … Or Else

When unemployment creeps up and finding another job is made more difficult by the high cost of gas, the balance of power in the worker-employer relationship tips toward the employer. Don't like the dozen new tasks heaped onto your workday? There’s the door, the boss may say.

Anne L. Head: Addressing abuse, exploitation of seniors
Responding to Gov. John Baldacci's call for state government to actively address the needs of Maine's expanding older population, the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation is stepping up its consumer protection efforts aimed at seniors.

July 7 Letters to the Editor

Kennebec Journal
CHARACTER BUILDING Gov. Curtis Homestead a landmark land trust property
LEEDS -- A spindly asparagus stalk stretches its limbs into the breeze. The tough old relic is a tender reminder of what this hard-knock little stretch of central Maine farming land once produced.

High costs pinch owners of horses
AUGUSTA -- The skyrocketing cost of fuel has boosted the price of hay and grain, forcing people to dig deeper into their pockets to feed their horses.

Beware bites of ticks
The annual number of Lyme disease cases has more than doubled since 1991. With last winter especially wet with snow, the conditions are ripe for the deer-tick tally to soar, warns the Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Online state corrections list needs review
The state's elected officials are right to ask the Department of Corrections to slow down on its plan to publish an online list of all state prison inmates and probationers.


Kim Davis a worthy candidate for Senate
Maine has been led, for as long as I can remember, by the liberal left and has spiraled out of control in the process. The liberal majority, along with a select few of those conservatives in sheep clothing, have raised our taxes, created ridiculous laws and regulations and continue to hinder our state's forward progression. Now is the time for Mainers to regain control of our government.

Sun Journal

Wealthy Americans ignore high gas prices, hit the road
PORTLAND - High gas prices may mean fewer families will be headed to the beach or the mountains this summer, but rising prices likely won't be keeping wealthy people from missing out on vacation.

Indoor fireworks cause blazing fire
SANFORD (AP) - The state fire marshal's office says a fire that damaged a 10-apartment building in Sanford was caused by a man setting off fireworks indoors.

Cruelty charges not first for suspect
SOMERVILLE (AP) - A Somerville dog breeder accused of aggravated animal cruelty faced similar criminal charges 14 years ago, at a time when she was not licensed to breed or kennel animals.

Candidates' Internet savvy: good or bad?
AUSTIN, Texas - A popular campaign theme among the perpetually plugged-in is just how Internet savvy the two presidential candidates are.

Candidates shape campaigns for Internet age
AUSTIN, Texas - John McCain is looking a little wired these days.

Senate must take action to fund Medicare
As the nation recovers from the long holiday weekend, seniors and their physicians have little to celebrate. Procedural tactics in the Senate thwarted efforts to halt a harsh 10.6 percent cut in Medicare payments for physician services that began July 1, which will surely affect access to health care.

State House and Senate candidates still not finalized

Times Record

High cost of oil turns focus back to wood...(full story)