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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Maine News for June 4, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Triumphant Obama claims nomination

Maine contributes two votes to help Obama end the race

Ignition locks coming for repeat drunk drivers
The devices, used as an incentive for shorter license suspensions, will make Maine safer, some say.

Cooperative effort may be key to Long Creek cleanup
Advocates say getting all interested parties involved is best for the watershed.

House District 120 rivals: Bring people into process
Election 2008: Both Democratic candidates want to get more Mainers involved in government.
Strimling criticizes Democrat rival Cote
Election 2008: Based on some of Cote's financial support, he's 'a Republican in Democrat's clothing,' Strimling says.

Extending time for new line
Under the proposal, lobstermen can use old floating lines until April.

Data services company to open office at ex-MBNA site
The Boston-area business plans to hire up to 250 workers in Rockland.

Energy East suitor Iberdrola woos N.Y. with wind energy

Tuesday's Question 1 meets many infrastructure needs
This $29.7 million bond issue contains a variety of projects to benefit the state.

Regional waste agency right to keep focus on recycling
Though ecomaine's generation income could suffer, cutting the waste stream makes sense.

Bangor Daily News
Greene gets jail in theft, forgery cases

BANGOR, Maine - City Councilor Richard Greene resigned Tuesday after being sentenced earlier in the day to five days in jail on forgery and shoplifting charges.

GOP race in 1st District pits veteran vs. newcomer

The primary campaign for the Republican nomination to represent Maine's 1st Congressional District pits a highly recognized party leader and Iraq war veteran against a first-time candidate centered on family values who has shown a strong ability to collar campaign contributions.

State braces for possible battle over N-waste

AUGUSTA, Maine — State officials are reacting to the possible need for a second federal nuclear waste site by preparing for another battle like that of 20 years ago, when Maine was on the list of possible locations before Yucca Mountain in Nevada was chosen as the first repository.

Report argues for incentives in struggle over school reform

AUGUSTA, Maine - A new report by the Maine Children's Alliance contends that the state's school reform effort is flagging but could be revived through a new focus on incentives for consolidation.

Boston Financial to occupy ex-MBNA site in Rockland

ROCKLAND, Maine - Boston Financial Data Services Inc., a leading provider of investor and intermediary services to the financial services industry, has signed a lease agreement with Rockland Harbor Park LLC to occupy the former MBNA building at 12 Water St.

Politics and pastors

Thirty-two years ago, presidential candidate Jimmy Carter had to explain to many skeptical and wary voters what being a "born again" Christian meant. Sixteen years before that, presidential candidate John F. Kennedy had to persuade voters that his allegiance would be to the Constitution, not his Roman Catholic pope.

Beyond trade

The pitfalls of having separate - and much more generous - unemployment benefits for workers deemed to be out of jobs because of trade rather than, say, modernization of a plant or decreased demand for goods was highlighted last week when Maine's senators asked for Trade Adjustment Assistance for the workers at Katahdin Paper Co.

Kathleen Parker: Is revenge sweet for Bush snitch?
Sometimes the answers to our most perplexing questions can be found on the playground.

Lynne Williams: Land deals stand in stark contrast
The May 21 Bangor Daily News featured a story about the conservation of 342,000 acres in a deal put together by Downeast Lakes Land Trust, which raised $34.8 million to purchase the land and conservation easements.

June 4 Letters to the Editor

Kennebec Journal

Report: School mergers focus too much on budget, not enough on quality education
AUGUSTA -- School district consolidation in Maine is a worthy endeavor, but the law directing the process focuses too much on budgeting and too little on educational quality, according to a new report.

Confusion, not intent, cited in fatal head-on crash on I-95
AUGUSTA -- An Augusta man who died in a fiery crash after driving north on the southbound lane of Interstate 95 showed no signs of suicidal intent before the accident, police said.

Doctor: I stole narcotics
AUGUSTA -- A radiologist accused of stealing drugs from MaineGeneral Medical Center in Waterville pleaded guilty to that offense on Monday, but will be permitted to withdraw that plea in a year if he meets a number of conditions.

Access law comes of age
A state senator who leads the state's open-records committee says "good progress" has been made in establishing a transparent government.


Say "yes" to Question 1
There are a lot of reasons to cast your ballot in favor of Question 1 on the June 10 ballot:

SHARON GUYNUP'S FIRST BOOK : Drugs in the drink?
Down eight glasses of water a day and chances are, many Americans are also "self- prescribing" minute amounts of various prescription drugs, including those used to treat infection, epilepsy, mental illness, heart problems -- even those used to prevent pregnancy. A recent investigative report from the Associated Press (AP) revealed that public drinking water in at least 24 major metropolitan areas is tainted with multiple drug residues.

GEORGE SMITH : Kick the kids out of the house, for their own good
No one had to tell us to take it outside when I was a kid.

Sun Journal

Bangor councilor pleads guilty in forgery case
BANGOR (AP) - A Bangor city councilor has resigned his seat after pleading no contest to forging the city manager's name on a $9,000 invoice.

Snowe wealthiest of Maine delegation
PORTLAND (AP) - Financial disclosure reports show that Sen. Olympia Snowe is the wealthiest member of Maine's congressional delegation.

Proposal could delay floating rope rule
PORTLAND (AP) - The federal government is proposing to delay a new rule requiring lobstermen to change the type of rope they use on their traps, officials said Tuesday.

Democrats joust in 1st District race
AUGUSTA - Some swinging-elbow jostling has broken out with a week to go in the crowded race for the Democratic nomination in Maine's 1st Congressional District.

2 Mainers in column for Obama
AUGUSTA (AP) - Two of Maine's three undeclared Democratic superdelegates announced Tuesday they're endorsing Barack Obama for president.


Maine Lobstermen Win Reprieve On Trap Line Change
The federal government is proposing to delay a new rule requiring lobstermen to change the type of rope they use on their traps beginning in October. A final decision is expected in August, but as Barbara Cariddi reports, the delay will mean an uninterrupted lobster season and postpone an expensive investment in new fishing gear.

Boston Financial To Take Over Former MBNA Space In Rockland
A major financial services company has announced the creation of 250 jobs in Midcoast Maine - with the hope of more to come. Boston Financial today announced it has chosen Rockland as the site of a new call-center operation. As Keith Shortall reports, the company will take over a space that once housed one of the areas largest employers.

Concerns About The Coming Winter Already On Mainers' Minds
It's not officially summer yet but Mainers are already worried about how they're going to keep their homes warm this winter. With heating oil prices soaring above four-dollars-and-fifty-cents a gallon, and gas, kerosene and even wood prices rising fast too, it will be a struggle for many Mainers to keep their furnaces, heaters and wood stoves operating when temperatures begin to plunge. But for Maine's poor, it might be impossible without resorting to charity. Barbara Cariddi reports.

Addicts Behind Bars Forced To Go Into Withdrawal
Each month there are between 35 and 45 opiate addicts housed at the Cumberland County Jail. Of those inmates, fewer than six are in treatment for addiction and on maintenance medication like methadone or buprenorphine. But whether inmates are in treatment or not, once they enter the Cumberland County Jail and many other jails, unless they are pregnant, they will be forced into withdrawl. As Susan Sharon reports, that's raising legal, medical and ethical questions with addiction specialists, advocates and others both in and out of Maine.


Spencer endorses Obama, urges a shared ticket

DeChant picks Obama

What does two million buy?