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Monday, March 3, 2008

Maine News for Monday, March 3, 2008

Portland Press Herald

Greater Portland to choose many new state legislators
Election 2008: The state's term-limits law accounts for much of the turnover.

Economy dominates 1st District forum
Five candidates for Tom Allen's congressional seat also touch on health care and global warming issues.

New boss takes over at UMaine Augusta
The university's first female president says she missed contact with students and faculty.

Editorial: Indicting Bush and Cheney would make town look small
Kennebunkport's town meeting should not try to undo the results of two national elections.


Leigh Donaldson Votes from Americans abroad more important in this election year
With millions of expatriates interested in participating, making sure their ballots count is vital.

LTE: Portlanders urged to reject school plan

LTE: Maine Med committed to educating med students

LTE: Reduction in stipends would hurt foster families

Bangor Daily News

Maine joins lawsuit over Medicaid
Monday, March 3, 2008
AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine is joining three other states in a lawsuit against the federal government over new Medicaid rules.

Thousands gather for 16th Can-Am race
Susan Collins told the crowd before the start of the Irving Woodlands 250-mile race, which started shortly after 10 am "Only in Fort Kent.

Editorial:McCain and Red Meat
Monday, March 3, 2008
A conservative radio commentator is claiming that likely Republican presidential nominee John McCain 'threw me under a bus' after the commentator, Bill Cunningham, opened a rally for the candidate with some pointed barbs at the Democratic candidates.

Editorial: Climate Waiver-ing
Monday, March 3, 2008
Susan Collins said. "If states like my home state of Maine establish reasonable standards to help address this serious problem, the federal government

Opinion: Thomas Moore: The lies of war
Nearly 4,000 American soldiers have died since the start of the Iraq War. As we read particulars about the lives of Americans who have died or been maimed in Iraq, the bleak comparison between a life lived fully and a life cut short, lost to a cause that was misrepresented and illegal from the outset, can only overwhelm us.

Monday's Letters to the Editor LTE: Proud of our senators - I’m writing to express my appreciation of Maine’s two senators.

Kennebec Journal

New UMA president 'excited' for job
AUGUSTA -- As a high-ranking state education leader in Kentucky, Allyson Hughes Handley was in a position to greatly influence policy impacting thousands of young lives.

STATEHOUSE NOTES: Cribbage defenders to make themselves heard
AUGUSTA -- Cribbage players and other card lovers are expected to come to the Statehouse today to testify on a bill that would increase card game-license fees.

Augusta eyes $11M in savings
AUGUSTA -- The city is working to save itself more than $11 million.

Mainers on floodplains widely uninsured
Nearly 75 percent of Maine homes and businesses located on floodplains currently do not have flood insurance, the Maine State Planning Office estimated Friday.

Editorial: Pretty package notwithstanding, it's still a casino
What's environmentally friendly and promotes higher education, health care, public transportation and reduced-cost prescription drugs?

LTE: Collins' ad tells truth about MoveOn, Allen
I am responding to the gentleman from Bowdoin, Bill DiGiulio's letter of Feb. 27. (This same letter also ran in the Morning Sentinel).

LTE: Questioning Obama's patriotism 'unpalatable'
I find the implication that someone who has dedicated his or her life to serving America lacks patriotism utterly unpalatable.

LTE: It's not 'murder' until soul enters fetus near birth
Supporters of Roe v. Wade make the enormous mistake of contending that abortion is solely a question of "choice," when their primary argument should be that the right-to-lifers calling abortion "murder" is plainly and simply unsupportable.

LTE: Corporate America's president, not ours
The president (he-who-must-not-be-named) has accused Congress of putting American lives in danger for not renewing the homeland security bill that allows phone companies and others to read our e-mails, listen to our phone calls, and otherwise erode our civil rights.

Morning Sentinel

LTE: Sexual predators have no right to privacy
I am writing in response to Sunday's (Feb. 17) article "Treatment of Sexual Offenders Debated." The topic itself is a powerful one here in central Maine because of the large population of sex offenders/predators (I prefer to call them predators). I can understand the need to voice both sides of an argument, but there is no other moral side to one like this.

Sun Journal

This morning, their State News page does not seem to be loading correctly, as only one story is showing up. I will check back to see if there are updates later, in the meantime please feel free to check:

Our View: Around the world with $8.7 million
We didn't stay in a Holiday Inn last night, but odds are, a state official did.

LTE: Clarity of stance
We need major changes in the structure and choices of the political parties in this country.

VillageSoup/Knox County Times

State agencies, organizations join forces to protect Maine's
Susan Collins
, Shaw Sprague, both spoke about bills they have presented that would also protect more working waterfront. "Gerry in Port Clyde and people up


As Maine Goes

How Does Tom Allen Keep His Promise to American Veterans if He Doesnít Know What They Look Like?

Politicker Maine

This week on ‘Dr. Democracy’ sought a House seat, Dobson took aim at Bush, Strimling filed petitions, Scontras took the stage, and we pondered the SnowSenator.

Turn Maine Blue

Priorities"Priorities" is a word I think about a lot these days. As our economic problems become more and more significant, it becomes staggeringly clear how misplaced the Bush Administration's priorities have been.

Bruin Democrats

A look at the Senate races Maine: Susan Collins (R) doesn’t have the stature that fellow Senator Olympia Snowe (R) has. Rep. Tom Allen (D) is running to challenge Collins. But even though Maine is a blue state, he’ll have an uphill climb. Collins has worked hard

Cliff Schecter

So Sue me. Tom Allen voted against it in 2002. Remember that year? That was the year it was "unpatriotic" to do that. Uh huh. And he's still actively trying to end that disastrous mess. In other words, he is trying to save lives, which translates