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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Maine News for Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Portland Press Herald:
Allen's MoveOn funding criticized
Election 2008: Donations raised by the site led Allen to alter a vote on a disputed ad, Susan Collins says.

Bill to tax trusts' land sales panned
State House: Some say imposing the corporate income tax would dampen investors' interest in Maine.

Security, funding woes dog courts
Maine's chief justice sees a need to tighten safety measures and pay the tab for court-appointed attorneys.

Nemitz: Who holds hospitals to error policy?
You can't beat deals like this. The Maine Hospital Association, representing all 39 of the state's hospitals, just announced 28 "adverse health events" that henceforth will cost you, dear patient, not a single dime.

Editorial: There's little to like in Bush's budget blueprint
The president's plan has painful cuts but no meaningful progress toward fiscal responsibility.

Maine Voices: Elderly will be hurt by budget cuts
Gov. Baldacci says the state of Maine must deal with some "hard truths," among them a $95 million revenue shortfall.

LTE: Stimulus package won't build strong economy
The Democrats would do well to keep in mind the story of the Trojan horse.

LTE: Media should inform us of troops' contributions

LTE: Jail system overcrowded, many shouldn't be there

Bangor Daily News:
Governor's veto threat goes against promise, tribe says
INDIAN ISLAND, Maine - Gov. John Baldacci is going against his word by saying he will veto the Penobscot Nation's proposal to operate slot machines on Indian Island and not agreeing to move an amended bill to referendum without a citizen-initiated petition, according to Penobscot Nation Chief Kirk Francis.

Chief justice presents sobering facts on weapons
AUGUSTA, MaineMaine's chief justice told lawmakers Tuesday that 7,000 knives and lethal weapons, including dozens of guns and ammunition, were stopped at the doors of Maine's courts last year.

Dental care bill targets rural access
AUGUSTA, Maine — If you live off the beaten path and are having a hard time finding a dentist, help may be on the way.

Debate over Medicaid rules hugs party lines
AUGUSTA, Maine — Legislative Democrats criticizing Medicaid rule changes that could prove costly for Maine brandished a letter of support from the National Governors Association.

Bangor: BIA fears crippling effect of use tax repeal
The proposed repeal of a state use tax could cost the city's airport one of its largest revenue makers — international flights and fuel-ups.

Editorial: A money-saving item
As the Legislature tries to fit spending into a tight budget, one small item offers an opportunity for net savings rather than long-term outlays. The issue is restoration of a $150,000 appropriation for the Hancock County drug court.

Editorial: A better stimulus package
As the Senate again turns its attention to an economic stimulus package, the focus should remain on choosing the quickest, most effective financial boost.

G. Dean Crocker: Medicaid changes to hurt poor families
Federal rule changes rarely attract much attention outside the state and federal departments that administer them. But thanks to sudden changes in the Bush administration's approach to family and children's services, Maine faces an unprecedented loss of federal funding just at the time when the state is facing painful cutbacks of its own, thanks to a nationwide economic downturn.

Stefano Tijerina: What are the motives behind the global FARC protest?
Thanks to the miracles of technology, Colombians around the world have been able to organize against the violation of human rights; particularly against the practice of kidnapping civilians as a means to political goals.

LTEs: Ship Romneys to Iraq; Don't privatize center; Global warming for real; Trenton drops recycling

Morning Sentinel:
Maine chief justice sees funding shortfall
AUGUSTA -- An increase in the number of poor defendants has created a $1.5 million hole in the judicial branch budget, Maine Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Leigh Saufley told lawmakers Tuesday.

Customers burned by oil dealer's demise
BIDDEFORD -- After losing more than $1,800 on fuel she bought but never received, Terry Bastarche isn't ready to trust another oil dealer.

McCain taking control; Clinton, Obama in fierce fight
John McCain swept a string of delegate-rich, East Coast primaries Tuesday night, reaching for command of the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Democratic rivals Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama traded victories in an epic struggle from Connecticut to California.

Editorial: Medical pot law goes far enough
Man, these guys are persistent. If your characterization of pot-smoking adults includes the term "laid back," think again.

Column: If we spend vacation money in Maine, aren't we tourists?

LTE: Challenge to Collins on waterboarding as torture
On Nov. 18th, Sen. Susan Collins sent me a letter in response to my criticism of her vote to confirm Michael Mukasey as attorney general. My criticism was based on Mukasey's position that he could not say whether or not waterboarding is torture.

LTE: Possible loss of father's job frustrates student
I am a first-year student at the University of Maine and my dad has been a Verizon employee for more than 25 years. As we all know, job security maintains stability in all families. With the prospective sale of Verizon to FairPoint Communications now becoming more of a possibility, the stability of my father's job has been put in jeopardy, causing an incredible amount of stress on my family.

Kennebec Journal:
Plum Creek's plan won't conserve land for future
My family has been going to the Moosehead area, hiking, camping and fishing for years. The reason: serenity, wildlife, nature at its finest!

Legislative Committtee Approves Slot Machines for Indian Island
Maine voters may have thought they put the issue of slot machines behind them last November when a proposal for a Calais racino was defeated at the polls. But slots have suddenly lept to the forefront of the legislature's agenda after a committee unanimously approved a bill to license up to 400 slot machines for the Penobscot Nation on Indian Island. The governor has promised to veto the measure unless it gives voters a say on the issue. But as AJ Higgins reports, some leading Democrats disagree and are breaking ranks with their party's leader in an effort to help the Penobscots.

Chief Justice Asks for Increased Funding

Maine's court system will need more than a million dollars this year to keep pace with the rapid increase in criminal cases against indigent defendants who need court-appointed lawyers. That was one message from Chief Justice Justice Leigh Sauffley in her annual state of the judiciary address to Maine lawmakers today. As Susan Sharon reports the Chief Justice is also sounding the alarm about the lack of court security and inadequate technology.

Education Commissioner Praises First School Consolidation Plan
The school consolidation plan that includes Cumberland, Yarmouth and Falmouth was applauded today for swiftly reaching a reorganization milestone. The plan is the first to beat a March deadline for receiving conditional approval by the Maine Department of Education. But as Keith McKeen reports, scores of towns in rural areas, are still opposing consolidation requirements.

Portsmouth Herald:
Rep. Allen makes good after losing Super Bowl wager
KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine - Maine Rep. Tom Allen is making good on his Super Bowl wager.

Sun Journal:

State gets $10 million U.S. grant for homeless
AUGUSTA (AP) - Maine will receive federal grants of more than $10 million to help the state's homeless.

LTE: Paging Mr. Exxon
On behalf of myself and the American public, I wish to thank the oil companies for allowing us to assist them in their record profits for the second year in a row. What makes their feat even more impressive this year is that they did not have to receive a $19 billion tax break from the government to break the record, as they did in 2006.

Times Record:
LTE: Demand fuel efficiency
American consumers need to demand better fuel mileage in lieu of more powerful vehicles.

Collins Tries To Turn Allen's MoveOn Support Against Him

PORTLAND (AP) -- Sen. Susan Collins says her Democratic opponent is the biggest recipient of money from the liberal network, a claim she's using to energize supporters and raise money for her re-election campaign.

Federal Funds Awarded To Maine Head Start Programs
LEWISOTN (NEWS CENTER) -- More than three million dollars in federal money is coming to Head Start programs in Maine.

Jail plan raises worries in Augusta
AUGUSTA (Feb 6, 2008): The Legislature's finance committee wants some assurances that the new jail consolidation plan, jointly announced last week by Baldacci administration and county officials, doesn't end up costing the state more money or create an independent board that can't be controlled by the Legislature.

Boston Globe:
Debate over federal aid curbs remains partisan

The Democratic call for congressional intervention drew support from Maine's two Democratic congressman, Michael Michaud and Tom Allen, the US Senate ...

WASHINGTON, DC-Ranking Member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Senator Susan Collins has released this statement regarding the Presidents budget proposal for the Department of Homeland Security and other homeland security programs.

Politicker ME:
In a ceremony this afternoon, officials from the Penobscot Trust, the Nature Conservancy, the Atlantic Salmon Federation, and the Maine Marine Resource Bureau presented Senator Susan Collins with a framed photo of an alewife swimming upstream in the Kennebec River by Maine photographer Doug Watts.

As Maine Goes: Bush Budget: Radical Spending Cuts?
Maine's congressional delegation criticized President Bush's $3.1 trillion budget, which cuts social programs and homeland security funding, increases military spending, and projects a near record deficit this year.

As Maine Goes: Report: Technology Driving Down ME Manufacturing Jobs
State Industrial Directory Reports Maine Manufacturing Jobs Down 2.6%; Plants Down 1%

Turn Maine Blue: Susan Collins, the Belle of Mississippi
(In response to the Portland Press Herald article, it's important to note that Susan Collins recieved money and has yet to return it from someone under investigation for bribing a judge - promoted by Craig)

Turn Maine Blue: George W. Bush: "This government does not torture people."
On 5 October 07, our president, Geroge W. Bush said:

Senate Guru: Super Duper Tuesday Quick Hits
Maine: A week ago today, I sent my open e-mail to Susan Collins' press secretary regarding hearings Collins called for as Chair of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. She has yet to reply. I wonder if Collins is this slow in responding to constituent concerns.