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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Maine News for Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Portland Press Herald

Tire with retractable studs gains support
State House: A businessman asks lawmakers to partially lift Maine's ban on using studded tires year-round.

Big project begs big questions
Developers believe that if they build a complex with high-end retailers in Westbrook, plenty of people will come.

Maine to consider tracking toxins in toys, products
Two bills would require manufacturers to flag the use of certain chemicals.

Scontras says waterboarding is justified
The Republican candidate for Congress says he struggles with it morally, but we're in 'a new world.'

Baldacci: New taxes would be last resort

Portland District Court

State strains to pay lawyers
To cover the court-appointed lawyer program's $1.2 million deficit, Maine may limit courts' hours or close courthouses.

Big project begs big questions
Developers believe that if they build a complex with high-end retailers in Westbrook, plenty of people will come.

Candidate seeks to 'indict' Bush, Cheney
A Senate hopeful wants fellow Kennebunkport residents to weigh having them arrested if either is in town.

Snowe, Collins agree to Senate Iraq debate
Republicans, thwarting a Democratic strategy, plan to highlight military progress in the country.

Editorial: Delegates should not get cash from candidates
Clinton and Obama have donated $904,200 to the people who could decide their race.

Editorial: Officials offer warnings on energy-efficient bulbs
While they remain a wise choice for many, their use should not be made mandatory.

Column: Transit policy: If you lived here you'd be home now
More housing options on the Portland peninsula would help ease road congestion elsewhere.

Column: Picking Obama keeps faith with youth
Democrats need to rein in their superdelegates' power and respect the will of the people.

Column: Clinton would forestall reprise of Carter
Democrats know what an inexperienced candidate leads to, so they should choose Hillary instead.

LTE: Don't expect Mideast peace soon

LTE: Putting inmates to work productive, meaningful

LTE: Superdelegates should support voters' preference

Bangor Daily News

Bills tackle new school districts’ budgets
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
AUGUSTA, Maine — Proposed legislation dealing with the budgetary process for consolidated regional school units received a mixed reception at public hearings Tuesday.

Senate OKs bill for Indian health care
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
WASHINGTON - The Senate on Tuesday passed an act aimed at improving health care programs and facilities for American Indians, bringing help to more than 7,000 in Maine alone.

Voice of the students
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Ellsworth High School students Kara Beal and Dominique Keefe concede they don't know everything about the state's school consolidation plan, but as students who stand to be affected, they wonder why their input wasn't solicited.

Mainers still paying for N-plant
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
AUGUSTA, Maine - More than a decade after Maine Yankee stopped generating power, Mainers are still paying for storage of the nuclear waste generated at the plant - and will likely continue doing so for years to come.

Patient protection bill, hospital spending discussed
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine residents would be protected against hospital charges for care related to medical errors, complications or accidents under the provisions of a proposal under consideration in the Legislature.

Bill eyes change in dental care for rural areas
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
AUGUSTA, Maine — In some parts of Aroostook County, residents must drive 50 miles or more for dental care, Rep. Patricia Sutherland said Tuesday.

Editorial: CFLs and safety
OK, so you've finally decided to make a go of being green. First on the to-do list is substantially limiting your carbon footprint. So you purchase compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, and put them in your most used light fixtures.

Editorial: Stormy economic forecast
The report Monday from the state’s Revenue Forecasting Committee confirmed what had long been feared: State revenue collections are expected to continue to lag through 2009.

Opinion: George Smith: Governor, keep your hands off DIF&W
The road to consolidation of natural resource agencies is paved with broken promises. The Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine asked this question in its 2006 gubernatorial candidate survey: Will you oppose any proposal to merge the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife into a large natural resource department?

Opinion: Kathleen Parker: Promises of the Church of Obama
Much has been made of the religious tenor of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Reports of women weeping and swooning — even of an audience applauding when The One cleared his proboscis (blew his nose, for you mortals) — have become frequent events in the heavenly realm of Obi-Wan Obama.

Wednesday's Letters to the Editor

Kennebec Journal

VERIZON-FAIRPOINT DEAL Union says opposition made for better future

Report warns of major economic challenges for Maine
AUGUSTA -- A group that follows economic trends in Maine raised red flags in five areas Tuesday, including per capita income and tax burden.

Providing justice for all puts added fiscal strain on state
BIDDEFORD -- He doesn't want to be here, in this small office in District Court, clutching the paperwork that will determine whether that old American promise -- justice for all -- applies to a guy with only $14 in his checking account.

Waterville schools seek alternative to consolidation talks
WATERVILLE -- School Superintendent Eric Haley envisions a school system that shares costs with other schools, without having to be part of a regional school unit.

Editorial: Allowing phone, Web wine buys good for Maine
Unlike the Maine State Police, we're not all hot and bothered about a proposal to allow Mainers to buy wine directly from out-of-state wineries.

Columns: Maine can't afford not to offer tax breaks for businesses
Maine has lost 35,000 manufacturing jobs since 1990; 44,000 since 1970. Our economic-development programs have been ineffective, with poor accountability. Our business climate is regularly rated among the worst in the nation.

LTE: 2008 election simply about damage control
As a fellow Democrat, I have to disagree with the basic assumption behind Buddy Doyle's debut column in the Feb. 20 issue of the newspaper.

LTE: Candidate Nader
I want to thank George Trask for his recent compliment to my leadership in a letter (Feb. 3) to this paper, as he was asking us to think about the city's accomplishments while I was mayor.

LTE: Money for Iraq war should be spent in U.S.
I work for the Department of Health and Human Services and receive weekly e-mails from our commissioner about the budget crunch and how it will affect citizens of the state of Maine. We are facing cuts in services to economically deprived Mainers and job layoffs are forthcoming.

LTE: Nuclear energy not viable power option for Maine
Larry Davis (letters, Feb. 17) suggests that we turn to nuclear power here in Maine to lower energy costs.

LTE: Parental rights are lost when they're not asserted
Parents have the right and responsibility to know what prescription drugs are given to their child. The Senate agreed, twice, to send a parental consent bill sponsored by Sen. Doug Smith, R-Dover-Foxcroft, to committee to hear from parents and others in the community.

LTE: No added teen drinkers in direct to consumer sales
The direct to consumer wine shipping bill is once more being debated in Maine, and I would like to emphasize to the state police and others who oppose this legislation that it does not increase underage drinking.

LTE: MoveOn members regular people, not anarchists
The recent attack ad being run by Susan Collins attempts to score some cheap points with Maine voters by grossly mischaracterizing who is a member of MoveOn, the group that has been supporting Tom Allen.

LTE: No rights for Americans without responsibility
Woman's rights, men's rights, equal rights and inalienable rights!

Morning Sentinel

Law enforcement, health officials decry planned cuts
FARMINGTON -- A forum Tuesday at Franklin Memorial Hospital gave the community, medical providers and social service agencies a chance to tell state officials what they think of the proposed cuts in services.

LTE: Embden voting process inspires absentee ballots
My mother always said "It only takes a few rotten apples to make the whole barrel spoil."

Sun Journal

Baldacci resistant to new taxes
AUGUSTA (AP) - One day after nudging open the door to new taxes, Gov. John Baldacci returned Tuesday to his standard line of emphasis in saying that generating new revenue to help cover a widening state budget gap would be only a last resort.

Report lists red flags in Maine economy
AUGUSTA (AP) - A report released by a study panel shows persistent weaknesses in Maine's economy in the areas of income, transportation costs and taxes.

Revenue projections take 2nd big hit
AUGUSTA (AP) - With an existing budget gap already set at $95 million, a state panel Monday affirmed another $95 million downward revenue adjustment.

Mayors: Urban centers need to combine forces
AUBURN - When it comes to telling their stories, Maine's big communities have taken a back seat to their rural cousins.

$1M on its way to New Beginnings
LEWISTON - A local agency that helps young people live on their own has received a million-dollar grant, money it worried might never come.

CMP plans massive line update, property purchases
Central Maine Power has started asking Lewiston-area property owners to sell pieces of their land so the electric company can complete a massive update to its power lines and equipment - the backbone of the system that supplies power to CMP's entire service area.

Mill No. 5 panel told to find options
LEWISTON - Two options are not enough for the Bates Mill building No. 5, task force members were told Tuesday night.

City Council hears 'rain tax' complaints
LEWISTON - If the city continues assessing its storm water fee, Robert Gladu figures he'll be forced to sell his properties.

The Times Record

Alewife harvesters fighting against recommendations for closures...(full story)

School merger law changes approved in Senate...(full story)

Revenue forecast deepens budget gap...(full story)

Proposed Arleigh Burke life span extension good news for BIW...(full story)

Commentary: If Americans don't unite, we'll fail...(full story)

Portsmouth Herald

Campaign 2008 news brief

CLEVELAND (AP) — Sen. Christopher Dodd endorsed one-time presidential rival Barack Obama on Tuesday and said it is time for Democrats to join forces to defeat the Republicans in the fall campaign.

Memorial Bridge to close April 21

KITTERY, Maine — Town Manager Jon Carter said dates for the anticipated closure of the Memorial Bridge over the Piscataqua River have been set for April.

Editorial: Flap over surveillance mainly about politics There is plenty to criticize Congress about these days, but here's one issue we hope most Seacoast residents — and other Americans — can agree on: We shouldn't be stampeded into bad legislation just because the Bush administration says...

State must climb out of $190M budget hole

Sex-offender registry law could be modified

House holds fate of school merger amendment

Maine gets mixed grades on economic report card

As Maine Goes

Bob Stone: What Budget Cuts?

This biennium's spending increase: $450 million. Estimated shortfall: $200 million. Net increase in spending: $250 million.

WSJ Editors Vindicating Treasurer Lamoine?

Why were the bond insurers facing downgrades? In part because they believed faulty ratings S&P/Moody's once assigned to mortgage-backed securities.

Medicare Spending Double by 2017?

Two main factors are driving up costs: the aging population -- especially baby boomers -- and the rising price of new drugs and medical technology.

House Speaker Cummings to Maine House Dems: Blame Everyone Else, No

‘The combination of high energy prices, a mismanaged national economy, and devastating Medicaid cuts by the Bush Administration are crippling state revenues here and all across the country.’

Baldacci Lightbulbs Hurt Kids' Brains, Nervous Systems

So we have Ethan Strimling, state/fed government mandating lightbulbs while advising against using the lightbulbs near children?

ME's $10M for Wildlife/Fish Restore/Hunter Education FY08

Maine News

Governor Baldacci is Incompetent

Governor Baldacci is Incompetent - By Alex Hammer

Maine Owl

Haynes resigns

Judicial nominee once was deemed so provocative even the Democrats blocked him, to return to Cardassia

Senate Guru

Who Helps Democratic Senate Candidates More - Obama or Clinton?

It appears to me that Barack Obama will offer significantly longer coattails to Democratic Senate candidates around the country than Hillary Clinton will.

Turn Maine Blue

The Green Nanny State

Yesterday's Bangor Daily News had this opinion piece by Jon Reisman about two bills before the Legislature that would requires manufacturers to dixclose toxic chemicals in their products, and in some cases, remove them (LD 2210 by Rep. Ted Koffman, and LD 2048 by Rep. Hannah Pingree).

Pentagon & Senate to investigate 2 yr delay in the fielding of blast-resistant vehicles.

In a Jan. 22 internal report, Franz Gayl, a civilian Marine Corps official, accused the service of "gross mismanagement" that delayed deliveries of the mine-resistant, ambush-protected trucks.

Senate: It's time to end the occupation

"While the administration is discussing a 'pause' in its drawdown of troops from Iraq, Americans are continuing their call for an end to this war," Feingold said. "Congress needs to end the president's failed strategy in Iraq, so that we can focus on improving our homeland security and denying al Qaeda a safe haven in Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere."

White Noise Insanity

Even Rep. Stephanie Tubb-Jones (D-OH) is smearing Barack Obama

Was Rep. Stephanie Tubb-Jones the one who released the photo of Barack Obama in Somalian clothing? I’m starting to think so.

Senator Chris Dodd to support Barack Obama!

Yep, the guy who is a champion of the US Constitution and who supports the rights of Americans to not be wiretapped illegally by the Bush Regime or any other Regime is coming out in support of Barack Obama.