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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Maine News for Tuesday, January 8, 2007


Utility still challenging CMPA Kennebunk group hopes to take 1,500 CMP customers and add them to the rolls of Kennebunk Light & Power.

Council promises fair, open pier plansAfter last year's rocky review process, the public will be fully informed, Portland officials vow.

Mainers share N.H. primary excitementWith a trip across the state line, they can see candidates up close and personal.

Utility still challenging CMP A Kennebunk group hopes to take 1,500 CMP customers and add them to the rolls of Kennebunk Light & Power.

MAINE VOICES: Maine can be alternative energy leaderHowever, a focus on developing options that aren't based on fossil fuels will require an investment.

COLUMN: State fumbles for new revenues instead of spending cutsOther states have solved their overspending problems, including Oregon.

EDITORIAL: School lunch prices rise, but far faster than cost of livingFuel prices are rising, and help drive other costs higher -- but not by double-digit rates.


Hathaway project set for groundbreaking eventBain said staff members representing U.S. Reps. Tom Allen and Michael Michaud also are expected to speak.

Brother and sister bound for IraqOLD TOWN (AP) -- A brother and sister are among about 130 Maine Army National Guard members poised to deploy to Iraq this week as part of an aviation unit that evacuates injured soldiers and civilians from combat zones.

EDITORIAL: Consolidation should be fixed, not tossed If Maine's school consolidation plan were a child, we'd say it had an unsettled upbringing. And that would explain why the plan is so troublesome now.

COLUMN: Tracking waste of billions of taxpayer dollarsI'm angry. I wrote a check last week to pay the first installment of my federal income taxes for 2008.


Conservative nonprofit hires new leaderAUGUSTA -- The state's leading conservative organization got a new leader Monday who's promising to drive four core issues -- economic vitality, tax policies, health care and education.

AUGUSTA: New leaders, new issues AUGUSTA -- Three new city councilors took the oath of office Monday and promptly found themselves with the task of voting on, among other matters, two issues: singing and dancing, and taxi driving.

Hallowell panel: Housing imperils diversity HALLOWELL -- City officials should be looking for opportunities to encourage less expensive housing to help lower-income families, municipal workers and artists remain a part of the community, members of the Affordable Housing Committee told city councilors Monday.

Rural health care to link up doctorsDoctors, hospitals and other health care providers in rural areas of northern New England will soon be able to share X-rays and other medical images, patients' records and video teleconferences with a new high-speed computer network.

LTE: Real issues facing country don't get enough play Welcome to a presidential primary season, in which most of the blockbuster issues facing our country don't even seem to be on the radar screen. We have a current national debt of $9.1 trillion that none of the candidates is talking about, even though we will face major funding issues for Medicare and Social Security within the term of the next administration.

LTE: There is no sense in the Maine Legislature

Consolidation should be fixed, not tossed If Maine's school consolidation plan were a child, we'd say it had an unsettled upbringing. And that would explain why the plan is so troublesome now.


Government Professor Says Political Ads Mobilize Voting As New Hampshire voters prepare to choose among the various presidential candidates, they're enduring a barrage of last-minute campaign ads. But there could be some gain in their pain, according to a new book co-authored by Bowdoin college government professor Michael Franz. Titled "Campaign Advertising and American Democracy," the book defies conventional wisdom about those ubiquitous 30-second spots that tend to deify candidates and demonize their opponents. Franz told Barbara Cariddi data the authors studied indicates that rather than distorting and debasing the democratic process, political ads actually help educate, engage and mobilize citizens.

Communciation Network to Link Northern New England Hospitals It's a challenge connecting rural Mainers with health care specialists, but a $25 million dollar project announced today should make things a bit easier. The federally funded New England Telehealth Consortium will provide a communication network linking 555 health care sites in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Murray Carpenter reports.


EDITORIAL: Letting the ignorant few define us allLet's spare few words for the circulators of the "Mohammed the lost dog" posters in downtown Lewiston. Unless the words are simple, short, contain few syllables and are probably misspelled, it's likely those folks wouldn't understand what they say anyway.

Homeless centers get more than $9MSens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins said the money will help homeless people "make the difficult transition from joblessness and homelessness to a better and more productive life."


$24.7M grant to expand telemedicine (Picture of Tom)BANGOR, Maine — Thanks to a major federal grant announced Monday by a local telecommunications firm, comprehensive health care will be available closer to home for many Maine residents.

Unions blast PUC approval of FairPoint dealUnion representatives opposing the sale of Verizon's northern New England land lines to FairPoint Communications are railing against the Maine Public Utilities Commission's decision to approve the transaction last week.

Rep. Michaud seeks to impeach Cheney Democratic U.S. Rep. Michael Michaud has called for impeachment hearings into the conduct of Vice President Dick Cheney.

State DEP issues air quality alertState environmental officials have issued an air quality alert for parts of southern, central and eastern Maine due to unusual weather patterns that are trapping dirty air close to the surface.

EDITORIAL: Cost of state benefitsAs state government wrestles over the next 18 months with a revenue shortfall projected at $95 million, it's time to consider the cost of state employee benefits.

EDITORIAL: Emissions stallThe Bush administration is right that a national policy to combat climate change is preferable to a state-by-state patchwork of rules.

John Buell: U.S.-Peru trade deal adds insult to NAFTA's injuryLate last year, in especially untimely action, the U.S. Senate (with Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe voting yes) ratified the U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement. Just as its predecessor, the North American "Free" Trade Agreement, has been coming under increasing scrutiny and criticism even from some of its former advocates, Congress has now extended NAFTA's concepts to one more South American nation.

LTEs: State, cut from within


Life’s too short to be a politician
By Jessica Alaimo
After one term, state Rep. Lance Weddell, D-Frankfort, is calling it quits, Village Soup reported today.

PPH in New Hampshire
Jonathan Kaplan of the Portland Press Herald went down to New Hampshire this weekend. Check out his story on the GOP’s growing concern about Barack Obama, a piece on the changing landscape of politics in New Hampshire, and finally read some of his observations here.


Lawmaker pushes bill that limits carbon emissionsAUGUSTA — A bill that would limit carbon dioxide emissions from power plants using coal will be among the bills moving forward during this session of the Maine Legislature.


Is Laurie Dobson for real?The third party candidate for US Senate, who's running as an independent against Tom Allen and Susan Collins, says that she is.


Turn Maine Blue: Is the Iraq War really an Issue in Maine? And also that Snowe has called for a date certain to withdraw our troops from Iraq - hardly the words of a supporter of continuing the occupation, and in fact exactly in line with Allen's view.

Collins Watch: A Team PlayerThe brand new Maine Owl blog has a long, detailed post taking us back to 2004 and the oil-for-food scandal, and exploring Sen. Collins' response at the time.

News of Maine: Senator Susan Collins' Campaign Emails Supporters to Vote in Maine News Maine Senate PollandNews of Maine: Important information about our current online pollsAs Maine Goes: Post Michaud's 'Morning After Pill' Bill for Servicewomen In 2002, the Department of Defense initially added emergency contraception to its Basic Care Formulary, a list of over 200 medications required to be stocked at all military treatment facilities.

As Maine Goes: Snowe Campaigning in NH for McCain"It's an important part of (McCain's) strategy to draw support from independent voters to ensure victory," said Maine Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe. Snowe campaigned for McCain over the weekend and will be on hand tonight for a rally in Portsmouth.

Maine Web Report: Hillary: LBJ more important to civil rights than MLKPOLITICKERME: Ron Paul on Maine After the debate this weekend I caught up with Ron Paul to ask what he thought about Maine. He said… well… pretty much what you'd expect, but check it out anyway.


Collins to discuss admiral's visit KITTERY, Maine — Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, will visit the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard today to discuss Admiral Gary Roughead, Chief of U.S. Naval Operations' visit to both the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and Bath Iron Works.


Federal grant to promote health care in northern New England U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, who joined Maine Gov. John Baldacci in announcing a $24.7 million Federal Communications Commission grant for the network.