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Monday, December 3, 2007

Maine News for Monday, December 3, 2007


Plum Creek hearing shows deep division Supporters of the Moosehead Lake proposal say such a chance won't come again. Opponents warn it would ruin the wilderness area.

Suicide blamed on post-traumatic stress A Maine soldier back from Iraq for three months grieved for the families of those he may have killed.

Muskie School, USM uneasy as partners Some want to overhaul the school. Others note its ability to bring in grants.

EDITORIAL: Who's willing to make the tough choices? Bills for crumbling bridges and retiree benefits are going to come due someday.

EDITORIAL: Should petitioners be barred from malls' public spaces? The issue involves competing rights, but freedom of speech is a central one.

Leigh Donaldson: America's claim to be real democracy for all is doubtful Living in a cutthroat capitalist system shows the flaws in slighting collective needs.

LTE: Make energy issues top priority


Truckers put blame on oil speculation Monday, December 03, 2007DAMARISCOTTA, Maine — For the second time in two weeks, truckers gathered to protest the soaring diesel fuel prices that are threatening their businesses, livelihood, homes and families.

EDITORIAL: Notice blackoutMonday, December 03, 2007Encouraging state government to make more information available electronically is a good idea. Forbidding alternatives, such as public notices in newspapers, is not.

David Broder: McCain-Huckabee ticket a cut above the GOP packIf the Republican Party really wanted to hold on to the White House in 2009, it’s pretty clear what it would do. It would grit its teeth, swallow its doubts and nominate a ticket of John McCain for president and Mike Huckabee for vice president — and president-in-waiting.

Monday's Letters to the Editor … Green totalitarianism … Consider Chellie … No war on drugs


LTE: North American Union by 2010, be very afraid Globalist bankers work for years to subvert our freedoms, yet little is done by our own government to prevent them.

LTE: Photo of smiling Bush inappropriate in wartime I saw a stomach-turner on page A3 in the Sentinel of Nov. 23. It was a photo-op of our president lolling in a well-padded chair behind a desk with a telephone to his ear and with a smile (or was that his trade-mark smirk?) on his face and playing the part of a hail fellow well met while ostensibly talking to the troops.


EDITORIAL: Carey's ploy would erode property rightsPut aside sentiments on casino gambling for a moment: the lawsuits filed by Rumford attorney Seth Carey, who seeks to have his signature-gatherers allowed into shopping malls and supermarkets, sparks a battle between two basic rights: private property and free speech.

LTE: Sick-time idealsTo me, the "American dream" is if a person works hard, that person will have something to show for it. The reality is there are too many obstacles for too many people to realize the "American dream" in any meaningful way.


Kittery gets creative on borrowing
KITTERY, Maine —- Because its tax collection schedule is out of sync with its budget year, Kittery — a well as many other towns in Maine and New Hampshire — must resort to borrowing money to keep town and school services going.

Post-war stress blamed in soldier's death
LIVERMORE FALLS, Maine (AP) — When serving in Iraq, Tyler Curtis survived bullets and bombs. But once he got home, he couldn't escape the emotional wounds he suffered.


EDITORIAL: Pollution cover-up
Just when you think the administration of President George W. Bush can get no worse, it moves ahead with another horrible policy.

LTE: Close the Enron loophole


Somerset Cty Commissioner: Jail Consolidation Plan Update
After meeting with Becky White, Commissioner Magnusson, Denise Lord we learned it will be a shell game until DOC makes their next pitch.

TPTSNBN Gives Legislature’s Mailing Costs a Yawn
TPTSNBN has forgotten (or never knew) we can't expect responsibility in large matters from entities who are irresponsible in small matters.

Impeachment Proclamation Post Day 10, Dec. 2:Endings and Beginnings
These last ten days, I have sworn off eating, to challenge the other candidates for nationaloffice in Maine. I took this stand to make these candidates accountable to the public they want torepresent.

A Faithful Patriot
I have said for years, and I am saying it now, NSA, FBI, CIA, and all you other offenders of the greatest Constitution ever placed by God on His green, good earth tracking my stuff right now, that I DO NOT CARE that you have surveilled my house, my neighbors, got them worried I am a security risk, that they are being attacked, and so forth.

The Senate Ethics Committee Should Be Very BusyOn a number of occasions, incidents came to light that demonstrated that Susan Collins was repeatedly using taxpayer-funded Senate resources for political campaign purposes. In August, when the Collins camp was trying to gin up a fake scandal over the Maine Democratic Party recording Collins' remarks at public events, we saw that it was Collins' taxpayer-funded Chief of Staff and Senate press office, rather than campaign staff, that were coordinating her political responses to the situation. Also in August, it came to light that Collins' Senate office computers were being used to adjust her Wikipedia entry to appear more politically palatable. None of this is shocking given that Collins was already caught using Senate computers for the purpose of political communication with the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign in 2004. In September, the Collins camp was finally called out in the media for their abuses of Senate resources for political purposes. There is unquestionably valid reason for further investigation here regarding Collins' Senate office's practices regarding political activity.

SENATOR COLLINS CALLS FOR $1 BILLION IN EMERGENCY LIHEAP FUNDINGUS Senator Susan Collins and Jack Reed (D-RI), co-chairs of the Senate Northeast/Midwest Coalition are calling on the Senate Appropriations Committee to ...

US Plans to Screen All Who Enter, Leave Country
Susan Collins (R-Maine), yesterday asked Homeland Security to brief staff members on the program, Collins's spokeswoman, Jen Burita, said. The notice comes as the department is tightening its ability to identify people at the borders.