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Monday, November 5, 2007

Maine News for Monday, November 5, 2007


Canadian racino proposal roils Maine debate The facility would be 70 miles from where the Passamaquoddy Tribe hopes to build one.

Woman's lawsuit claims bias at DOT Dianne Luce alleges sexual harassment and retaliation for reporting safety problems.

FairPoint's effort to buy Verizon takes on air of political campaign Critics say the small company is short on resources, but many businesses are backing the deal.

State's high school teachers getting hooked on free laptops The Apple MacBooks are faster than the schools' old PCs, but the conversion comes with a price for some districts.

EDITORIAL: Clinton's debate answer was right before it was wrong Her tangled position on licenses for illegals highlights the need for immigration reform.

Rep. Richard Cebra: Maine's highway bridges not up to snuff The need is great, but resources are falling short as budgets for repairs have been cut.

LTE: Make conservation top priority

LTE: Lay off publishing letters asking for impeachment


Delegation divided on N-power subsidiesAUGUSTA, Maine - The energy bill passed by the Senate this summer includes a provision that expands federal guaranteed loans for the construction of new nuclear power plants, a proposal dividing the congressional delegation.

Schools key to rural communityMonday, November 5, 2007GREENVILLE, Maine - In an interview for the Union 60 superintendent's job nearly two years ago, Heather Perry recalled town and hospital officials using the "three-legged stool" analogy to explain the connection among the school, hospital and community.

EDITORIAL: Tough talk and diplomacyDiplomacy seems to have fallen out of favor in the post Sept. 11 climate, yet it remains as essential a tool as ever for dealing with the hostile and friendly corners of the world.

EDITORIAL: Lessons from the 9/11 fundThe federal compensation program for the victims of the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon is a remarkable example of thoughtful government analysis and action.

Bill Slavick: Country's problems keep getting worseOur government's indifference to the dignity of human life is accentuated by its embrace of torture, of indiscriminate killing of Iraqi women and children, and of Israel's carnage in Lebanon last summer.

Monday's Letters to the Editor … Susan Collins calling … How to cut spending … No imperial powers


Service honors Katz's legacy AUGUSTA -- Bennett Katz was the former majority leader of the Maine Senate.

Ceremony honors fallen soldier AUGUSTA -- Col. John Jansen, chief of staff with the Maine Army National Guard 133rd Engineer Battalion, won't ever forget the day.

EDITORIAL: Term limits undemocratic, even if 6 terms Just as you can't be a little bit pregnant, we don't think you can make term limits a little less un-Democratic.

EDITORIAL: Our endorsements for Tuesday's election Question One: Do you want to allow a Maine tribe to run a harness racing track with slot machines and high-stakes beano games in Washington County? NO


Campaign Contribution Raises Conflict Of Interest Question
Campaign Contribution Raises Conflict Of Interest Question. There are questions surrounding a campaign contribution made by a Portland businessman with a stake in the proposed Maine State Pier project....


Citizens Group Under Fire For Accepting Money From Prospective Developer
Friday, the Maine State Building and Construction Trades Council blasted a citizens group called the League of Young Voters for accepting a $10,000 donation from one of the competing pier developers, Kevin Mahaney of the Olympia Companies.


'Formidable opponent'
WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President George H.W. Bush says the post-White House friendship he has nurtured with the man who turned him out of office won't make him go any easier on his successor's wife, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Maine College DemocratsOutsiders or political newbies might not know that Senator Susan Collins is the woman next to Bush and Santorum in a number of photographs. Representative Tom Allen (aka the white dude at the end), as a congressman and not a Senator, ...

Underfunded Federal Mandates Belie Port Security
... report in December 2005 with CFIUS on port security concerning the DPW deal, which came to light on February 27, 2006 before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, chaired by Senator Susan Collins (R-ME).

Help Edit an Ad (with Four-Letter Poll)
I'm working on an ad for the Maine Senatorial race between Tom Allen and Susan Collins (and am not affiliated with the Allen campaign in any way). At the moment I have four options. Which is your favorite, or would you mix-and-match 'em ...

Oh the irony of Sen. Susan Collins getting caught in an acorn storm!
Susan Collins over at Mainefem’s blog that caught my attention. Apparently, Collins is in the process of getting funding for Maine’s police/bomb squads for them to be able to combat IED’s and other bombs that the terrorists might use ...

Rep. Tom Allen & latest Critical Insights on Maine Fall 2007 Report
It’s typical that the Portland Press Herald failed to embed the latest Critical Insights Tracking Survey Poll; which delineates the current twenty point lead of Collins over Allen (which I personally perceive as not bad0.

REID ASKS SENS "PLEASE SHOW UP"; FRED IS PRO-IRAN WAR, KINDA PRO ...MAINE: The latest independent Critical Insights poll shows US Senator Susan Collins (R) continuing to hold a wide lead over Congressman Tom Allen (D): 54% to 34%. As for the open CD-1 congressional race, the poll found none of the seven ...

Senate news: Maine still looks very difficult for Democrats
Last week, a Research 2000 poll of the Maine Senate race showed Collins with a massive lead against her challenger Tom Allen. Today, a new polling institute, Critical Insights, confirms that Democrats have a very long way to go before ...

Oh, Weekends
Congressman Tom Allen came and spoke, as well as the candidates for his position (he's running for Senate). That was also interesting. Surprisingly enough, there were two others kids that I went to high school with there - Steph Neales ...

Yet Another Poll Shows Collins Dominance
Tom Allen will get closer, but it is difficult to see how, with the President’s popularity still low and the situation in Iraq, while far from good, improving, he could win this race. Don’t be too surprised if Allen reconsiders this ...

Sunday Round-Up
(HT: Collins Watch) It presents yet another opportunity to discuss Susan Collins' own broken promise to the voters of Maine regarding her self-imposed term limits pledge lie, should anyone in Maine feel like writing a letter to the ...

Collins Tromps Allen, Latest Critical Insights Poll

Q1: All Fed Tribes OK Run Hi-Stakes Beano on Non-Tribal Land

Why Aren’t People Protesting the War? They ARE…
From Bill Moyers Journal: “Why wasn’t it news last weekend when more than 100,000 people turned out in 11 cities across the country to protest the occupation of Iraq…Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Orlando, Salt Lake City, New Orleans, Jonesborough, Tennessee. but if you blinked while watching the national news, you wouldn’t have known it was a story.

Maine’s Racino Issue: Is It Just Financial Prohibition?
Maine is one of 15 states with term limits for state lawmakers, and the only one in New England. One of the statewide referendum questions on this year’s ballot would lengthen those term limits.

Maine and Term Limits
Maine Democrats flags a Kennebec Journal article discussing Tuesday's election referendum number five: