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Monday, October 22, 2007

Maine News for Monday, October 22, 2007


Colleges seek to improve R&D via $50 million bond The Maine Technology Institute would oversee a competitive grant process.

Campaign encourages a new look at recycling The state hopes ads and other efforts will convince Mainers to send less waste to incinerators and landfills.

School mergers should be allowed to play out The volume of proposed changes looks like an attempt to kill the law before it can succeed.

Congress' ethics reforms could stand some reform themselves Cleaning up past offenses was a good idea, but the new broom could sweep more cleanly.

LTE: Dissolving MTA would take us in wrong direction


Maine child care providers set to form unionMore than 2,200 child care providers in Maine are expected to announce today their decision to form a union.

Ban on taxing Internet access to end Nov. 1AUGUSTA - On Nov. 1, states will be in the clear to tax access to the Internet unless Congress acts to extend the ban or make it permanent as urged by some members of Congress.

Backers say bond would aid economyQuestion 2 on the Nov. 6 ballot requests funding for Maine-based research and development that are essential to a healthy economic future, according to proponents of the initiative.

EDITORIAL: Eavesdropping on the LineRepeatedly in recent years, the White House has convinced lawmakers that preventing terrorist attacks is more important than legal rights and clear oversight.

Before the PillsMonday, October 22, 2007A Portland middle school has been the focus of news stories for more than a week because a health center there received permission from school officials to offer birth-control prescriptions.

Marilyn Canavan: Extravagances of war, at what cost?If you believe that every military dollar spent is justified, stop reading here. But if there is a scintilla of doubt in your mind, hear me out.

Monday's Letters to the Editor … Vote yes for casino … End of local governing


Citizens respond to mental-health crisis AUGUSTA -- A citizens group formed more than a dozen years ago to fight for the preservation of Augusta's state psychiatric hospital is attempting to respond to what its members perceive as a mental-health crisis in the state's jails and prisons.

Maine law bars details of teacher sexual abuse AUGUSTA -- Teachers in Maine have been accused of sexual involvement with students, but state law bars disclosure of how many educators lost their certifications as a result.

Augusta's housing in flux Augusta’s single-family homes and apartments are older than in neighboring communities and the city still struggles to house its neediest citizens.

Middle groundon birth controlfor youngsters Five girls. Five young girls, that's about it.

ERIC CONRAD : No easy task to archive state e-mails (aka public records) Maybe you remember when administrative assistants -- they were called "secretaries" back then -- put pieces of paper and carbon filters into typewriters and carefully typed up memos and letters their bosses would send around.


Report says income gap increases fastest in New England BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) -- The gap between the rich and poor has grown faster in New England than in other areas of the country, according to a new report.

State to promote new effort to encourage Mainers to recycle more The state is kicking off a new advertising and promotional effort today to get Mainers to recycle more trash.


Voters facing 3 bond issues AUGUSTA - Efforts to preserve open space, public attractions along waterfronts and public university and college campuses would be among the recipients of funding if Maine voters approve three bond issues totaling $134 million when they go to the polls Nov. 6.

Bond questions on the Nov. 6 ballotHere are the bond issues that will appear on Maine's Nov. 6 ballot:

School mergers to force changes in teacher payPORTLAND (AP) - Maine's school consolidation law, hailed as a way to hold down the costs of school administration, is slated to trigger pay increases for some teachers.

LTE: Costs outweigh benefitsMaine's latest version of a school consolidation law (LD 499) is based on the Sinclair Act of 1957; the law that created School Administrative Districts (SADs). Studies by University of Maine faculty have shown the Sinclair Act, during its 50 years of existence, did not do what it was designed to do. It did not decrease costs for towns or improve student performance. It led to more long distance busing, more dropouts, the building of large schools, and more administrators. The state poured money into SADs to make it work and costs per pupil increased.


Senators seek $15m to help fishermenOlympia Snow and Susan Collins of Maine, all Republicans. New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch and Maine Gov. John Baldacci also have sent the federal Commerce ...

Boston Globe/Maine AP

School department mergers to force changes in teacher payMaine's school consolidation law, hailed as a way to hold down the costs of school administration, is slated to trigger pay increases for some teachers. (AP, 10/21/07)

Maine drivers to get hit by toll increase in New HampshireMotorists traveling between Maine and Massachusetts will have to dig a little deeper to pay tolls in New Hampshire beginning today. (AP, 6:10 a.m.)

Clarification: College Applications storyIn a story Oct. 20, The Associated Press reported that Education Commissioner Susan Gendron proposes that high school seniors apply to college as a requirement for receiving a diploma. The application must be completed, but need not be submitted. (AP, 10/21/07)


Federal do-not-call list to expire in 2008
... it has been very effective in helping to eliminate unwanted telephone calls to homes throughout the nation," US Senator Susan Collins, R-Maine said.


Governor Baldacci Weighs In On School Birth Control Debate

Consumers More Savvy About Debit Card "Holds"


Collins Pushes Legislation To Block Medicare CutsAnd this week, Maine Senator Susan Collins introduced legislation to block those cuts. The president wants to cut 6-billion dollars from home health ...

For someone who doesn't know diddly squat about trademark & rudimentary research skillsets, Dutson is horrifically overpaid (e.g., sheer indolence and stupidity).

Primary Challenge to Tom Allen
Laurie Dobson, who has been threatening a primary challenge to Tom Allen, appears to be heating up the rhetoric. She announced her candidacy as an "Independent Democrat" at the York County Democratic Committee meeting last week, although there's no confirmation that she's actually filed papers yet and she still seems vague on whether she's running in the Dem primary, running as an Independent in the general, or both.

Her original post on her blogspot was updated late yesterday, apparently in response to some criticism of the over-the-top language. It's still pretty outrageous, but I think it's worth reading the original version to get a better picture of this woman's mental state as well as her approach to campaign discourse. (The emphasis seems to be on "Diss.") Fortunately I saved a PDF of the original page before the edits, which I include below the fold.

Future Sen. Tom Allen & Maine '08 Candidates: FEC October Quarterlies (a/k/a "follow the money")

Hello all
We have Tom Allen (D), the 6 term US Rep. running against Susan Collins, who, let's not forget, spent 8 days in a 'scientific tent' with John McCain in the South Pole last year. That's almost enough to get me to vote for her, but no.

Congress orders probe of Mexican businessman who repeatedly ...
"This troubling incident appears to be another outrageous failure of a border-security system that is struggling to keep pace with modern threats," said Sen. Susan Collins, (R-Me.) and ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security and ...

Republickers' inescapable affliction
Next year, the GOP must defend three of its five remaining blue-state Senate seats, with moderates Susan Collins of Maine, Norm Coleman of Minnesota, and Gordon Smith of Oregon facing re-election. The party also faces difficult contests ...

I’m still trying to transfer files to my blog host…
I’ll still be attending democratic functions here in my state (some are planned for November, such as a Virtual Fundraiser for future US Senator Tom Allen, and the democrats in my county are having a “sketti” (spaghetti) dinner too) and ...

Members of the Maine National Guard's Security Force II return
Tom Allen. Baldacci thanked the soldiers for their commitment and dedication to duty and said he was proud of the leadership this state has in its guard and ...

How Are You Voting on the Bond Issues?